Our Impact

CHNDC has had a surprising track record during its short existence.  Were it not for the direct intervention of CHNDC…

  • the City of Atlanta would have constructed a large parking deck where City Plaza now stands,
  • the Atlanta Board of Education would have oriented its new headquarters toward Pryor Street,
  • Hope House would not have been developed and certainly not at its current location,
  • the City would have not located its new public safety complex next to the Garnett MARTA Station, and
  • the remainder of the block where Trinity has its sanctuary would not have been redeveloped.

CHNDC has intervened repeatedly over its history to advocate for sound planning and progressive development in the Capitol Hill area and works to extend and facilitate its member churches ministries—particularly to the homeless. It continues to work with our neighbors, such as the State of Georgia, to provide a vision for future development of the area.

More recently, CHNDC has turned its attention toward more permanent solutions to homelessness through cooperation with the Mayor’s initiatives in supportive housing for the homeless, mentally ill and addicted.

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